Mike Rohrbach

Mike Rohrbach is an innovative, eclectic thinker and lifelong learner. His passions are youth empowerment and digital literacy. Mike’s approach to these issues emerges from a non-linear and largely self-taught life experience. His early childhood was spent in Israel, where he learned Hebrew as a second language. Moving to the U.S. at the age of 11, he informally and quickly acquired English skills; this natural linguistic ability extended to Italian and Spanish in subsequent years. Mike became an IBM computer systems engineer at a time when there was little formal training in this field.

A pioneer in an emerging arena, Mike created the IBM PC User’s Group of the Boston Computer Society, an organization that drew speakers such as Bill Gates to a national launch of Windows 3.1.

Taking early retirement, Mike moved to the Arizona-Mexico border and founded CCLAC in 1995. From the beginning, the organization was focused on digital literacy. Working in both Sonora, Mexico and Cochise County, Arizona, Mike developed programs that involved youth in refurbishing and distributing computers as well as empowering youth to teach digital skills. In line with his own experience, Mike sought an organic, bottom up approach to these activities, always prioritizing young people’s capacity to learn at their own direction.


Mary Baker

Mary handles marketing and social media for CCLAC and is the author of the SkillVillage Activity Guide, Success with SkillVillage, and Legacy Letters.

Mary has over 20 years of experience in business administration and marketing, and has worked for international wine and food brands like Wild Horse, Justin and Tasty Image. She is a full time freelance writer and lives in Tucson, Arizona with her retired winery dog, Rebel Rose and feline assistant Bossypants.

You can learn more about Mary on her website, www.solid-communications.com.