IG Month

September is Inter-Generation Month and Generations United is hosting a short story competition with 20 cash prizes of $100 each!  See the guidelines here.  Deadline is September 30th, but the required length is only 300 words–that’s like 3 paragraphs. You can do it!

See what your city or region is doing to bring generations together. And here’s a list of 50 activities that you can host which encourage inter-generational participation:

50 Great Ideas to Mix Generations:

1. Hug someone of another generation.
2. Take a walk together in the local neighborhood.
3. Talk about some of your favorite food.
4. Read a short story out loud.
5. Read the comics together.
6. Bird watch together.
7. Feed birds with someone.
8. Admire a painting or other kinds of art.
9. Take a scenic drive.
10. Watch sports together.
11. Watch dancing.
12. Watch a film/movie.
13. Bake cookies.
14. Make popcorn.
15. Go fishing.
16. Spend time together shopping in a mall.
17. Window shop downtown.
18. Go to a park/playground.
19. Visit a botanical garden/arboretum.
20. Go hiking on nature trails.
21. Camp in a tent.
22. Collect leaves.
23. Take up knitting/crochet together.
24. Play board games.
25. Play card games.
26. Play video games.
27. Share an ice cream treat.
28. Tell a family story.
29. Help do chores.
30. Ask about their day, school or work.
31. Listen to favorite music together.
32. Watch a lightening storm in the dark.
33. Visit a museum.
34. Go to a concert.
35. Check out the art galleries.
36. Write an IG story together.
37. Draw IG pictures
38. Ask someone to tell a family tale.
39. Tell and listen to childhood memories.
40. Participate in an Intergenerational Forum.
41. Pet a dog or cat.
42. Tell intergenerational jokes.
43. Laugh out loud at each others funny stories.
44. Whistle tunes with someone.
45. Sing songs with others.
46. Ask for help with a handheld device (cell phone, tablet).
47. Ride bikes.
48. Make real lemonade.
49. Put together a puzzle.
50. Share some candy.