Welcome to CCLAC Inc.

We engage young people as volunteers to teach computer literacy to adults. Our youth techs present adults and seniors with information in which the adult student has a direct interest using our SkillVillage Activity Guide. We bring together youth and elders in a “village” atmosphere of learning and exchange.

Digital literacy is becoming an essential part of every day life. A lack of computer literacy among adults, particularly in Latino and economically deprived communities, is creating a larger Digital Divide each year.

CCLAC collaborates with other local and regional organizations who have physical facilities, computers, and desks. We recruit mentors and adult volunteers, train youth volunteers, and help the centers market their Social Communication Centers and  SkillVillage program to the community.

Our program benefits youth and seniors, and attracts more users to your facility. We encourage bilingual participation and our program also welcomes troubled teens and disabled participants.