Media Literacy through “Inverse Mentorship”

Generations Communication Centers operate under the Creative Communications Learning Advisory Council (CCLAC), an educational nonprofit that brings together youth, working adults, and seniors in meaningful interactions that benefit all.

Intergenerational partnerships foster social interaction, information exchange, and work skill development, allowing participants to expand horizons and prepare for new frontier kinds of careers or hobbies. Youth enhance their communication, problem-solving, leadership skills, and potential for future employment. Working adults and seniors benefit by receiving one-on-one, personalized, leading-edge information exchange, technical assistance and community engagement.

GCC works with companies, senior and recreation centers, libraries, schools, and universities to build intergenerational care and competence through directed activities that help youth develop communication and leadership skills:

  • Providing meaningful internship and work experience: GCC trains and staffs young people in real-world settings to provide meaningful, supported, goal-based exchange in the training of digital literacy.
  • Crossing borders and generations: GCC consciously works across national, cultural, and age boundaries to foster intercultural competence.
  • Fostering auto-didactic learning: GCC’s research-based methodologies promote collaborative searching, problem-solving, self-reflection, and empowerment that help both youth and adults to develop new skills toward cutting-edge careers and meaningful social and professional engagement.
  • Contributing to research on better practices in intergenerational exchange: Through its innovative, proprietary communications portal and research tool, GCC captures significant qualitative data on the success of goal-based intergenerational encounters to reveal new insights on the “unknown unknowns” of youth-adult interactions in the midst of our world’s changing communications landscape.

Special points of interest

– Fun, exciting content
– Easy to learn and teach
– Replicable program
– Customizable
– Serves a broad demographic including seniors and at-risk youth
– Improves quality of life for seniors
– Encourages youth volunteerism
– A solution to the “generational divide” bringing youth and seniors together for mutual learning and appreciation